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The Collins Boys @ 2020 Motoplayground Race

Team ZLD riders, Aidan & Davi Collins, were both on the gas at the MOTOPLAYGROUND RACE on October 16th-18th!

Aidan laid in down in Mini Sr 1 (12-14), Mini Sr 2 (13-15), and 85cc Open on his #92 Husqvarna!

In Mini Sr 1 he went 6-11 for 9th overall, 14-10 for 12th overall in Mini Sr 2, and 4-14 for 12th overall in 85cc Open.

After spending the last couple months recovering from a broken jaw, Davi decided to make his comeback at the national! He raced 65cc 7-9 and 65cc 7-9 Limited abroad his #92 Cobra. In 65cc 7-9 he went 9-10 for 10th overall and 10-21 for 21st overall in 65cc 7-9 Limited.


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