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Apply for 2023 Sponsorship Now!
accepting applications for the 2023 season until march 31st 2023!

Are you a 2022 Team Zld Athlete reapplying for 2023? Click Here!

Team ZLD is a sponsorship program established by Zero Limits Designs. Our team is made up of athletes of all ages and skill levels!


What do we look for in riders? 

We offer support to athletes whom are leaders among their peers, active on and off the track, respectful, show good sportsmanship, dedicated, and overall good character. 

What sports do we offer Sponsorship Opportunity for?

Moto | MTB | BMX | Cycling | Skate | Surf | & More

How do we support athletes?

We have a variety of sponsorship levels that we give to athletes.

Team ZLD Athletes

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